About Me

Me? I’m an IT Professional by trade, but I’ve got more experience than that title lends itself to. I grew up working in construction and electrical trade, did a stint in retail, worked in a software development shop, and now I work for a manufacturing company.

The varied experience has certainly come in handy; the look of my boss’ face through the glass wall one day when I walked into the server room with an angle grinder was priceless (want to read this story? Click here)

I’m one of those people who isn’t content to just use a system or piece of equipment; I need to know how and why something works!

I try and keep track of what’s happening in the ‘hard’ sciences, chemistry in particular. That was a class I enjoyed thoroughly in school!

What I do in my spare time?

Well, when I’m not working away in front of a network either at work or home, I can be found climbing large rocks or swinging on rings. Sometimes you can find me in the garage, bent over a car engine with ratchets and sockets scattered all over as I figure out what’s wrong or needs to be tuned.